IMPORTANT UPDATE – October 28, 2021

On October 28, 2021, after many months of tireless efforts by UMD students, faculty members, staff, and local residents to save Guilford Woods, President Darryll Pines announced that the University of Maryland “will pause current planning on the Western Gateway development.” This is incredible news because it means that the planned deforestation of Guilford Woods is now on hold. However, there is still much work to be done to ensure that Guilford Woods and Guilford Run are permanently protected. So while we thank President Pines for this great decision and celebrate the news with tremendous relief, our efforts continue!

Save Guilford Woods – October 29, 2021 Statement

Sign the Save Guilford Woods Petition (anyone can sign!)

Sign the UMD Faculty and Staff Petition (for UMD Faculty/Staff)

Sign the Students for Guilford Woods Student/Alum Petition (for UMD students and alumni)

Please sign all petitions that apply to you – and please share widely!

Join the effort to preserve Guilford Woods! The petition to Save Guilford Woods has been signed by ~2,500 individuals (mostly UMD affiliates and local residents – see the Updates&More page), ~ 100 individual letters have been sent to President Pines and copied to SaveGuilfordWoods, and this effort is supported by Maryland Sierra Club, Prince George’s County Sierra Club, Anacostia Watershed Society, Anacostia Riverkeeper, Anacostia Watershed Community Advisory Committee, Prince George’s Audubon Society, Montgomery Countryside Alliance, Calvert Hills Citizens Association, and College Heights Estates Civic Association.

Please do any – and ideally all – of the following:

  1. SIGN THE PETITION to University of Maryland President Darryll Pines calling on him to relocate planned graduate housing and to establish Guilford Woods as a nature preserve for the benefit of UMD and surrounding communities.
  2. SEND AN INDIVIDUAL LETTER. In addition to signing the petition, please also send your own individual letter to President Pines (copied to key decision makers). Individual letters focusing on the key points most important to you carry great weight with decision makers. You may wish to include where you live and any connection to the University. Your letter need not be long or detailed—what’s most important is that your voice, as a citizen and taxpayer, is heard.
  3. Sign up here to stay informed. Also, if you know of an organization that might support this effort, please let us know – you can indicate that information in the SignUp form.
  4. Let others know about this effort! Share this page with others you believe would support this cause. Social media links are at the bottom of this page or you can share the following direct link to this page:
    Save Guilford Woods:
  5. Learn more about Guilford Woods and Guilford Run at Friends of Guilford Woods

Send any comments or questions to: saveguilfordwoods@gmail.com